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We understand supplement & vitamin businesses can be a complex and competitive. Our team has the knowledge to give your nutraceutical company the best advantage in digital marketing.

We've worked with brands, online outlets, and manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry. We know what works and doesn't work for digital marketing for supplement & vitamin companies.

Our understanding of how to market nutraceutical services online, to the knowledge of the purposes of various nutraceutical ingredients, we will give your company the greatest online advantage possible.

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Tailored Techniques from an Experienced Marketing Expert

Get Known Pros has extensive experience serving supplement and vitamin companies of all stripes. We understand that each company is unique, and thus needs a marketing strategy tailored to its individual needs and characteristics. When you request our services, we begin by studying your company’s history, staff, and product lines. Once we understand every aspect of your firm, we can identify opportunities for future growth. We then work with you to develop a strategy that takes full advantage of those opportunities.

O U R    V I S I O N

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Marketing nutraceuticals, health foods, and other wellness products is always a balancing act.

In order to attract attention and encourage strong sales, you must excite your customers by unveiling the myriad benefits of your products for their bodies and minds. In explaining the health benefits of your products, however, you must be careful not to go beyond what can be proven scientifically. Even if you stick strictly to the research, customers may be hesitant to believe you, making trust a critical part of this balance.

Get Known Pros has the experience and expertise to balance all of these factors while building a successful marketing campaign. We take the time to understand the unique needs and characteristics of your company, and come up with a strategy suited to you specifically. With Get Known Pros on your side, you will have no trouble building close bonds with a cornucopia of customers for the long haul.

The Internet is essential to modern marketing in all industries, and nutraceuticals are no exception.

Vitamin and supplement companies of all sizes rely on the Web not only to make their existence known, but to learn valuable information about potential customers while building their trust. Get Known Pros takes full advantage of all online resources, including:

Company Websites

Get Known Pros offers the advice and support you need to maximize the effectiveness of your website. From identifying and incorporating strong keywords to filling in gaps in information to streamlining the layout, we help you boost your website’s SEO while providing added value for potential customers who visit.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus all offer the opportunity to engage with past, current, and prospective customers. Through posts and pictures, you can alert your customers to promotions and key company information. You can also use comments and tweets to communicate with customers, answering their questions and addressing any uncertainty about your company. Get Known Pros helps you expand and enhance your presence on all major social media sites.

Marketing Emails

Through email marketing, you can develop closer, more personal connections to customers, creating a bond that virtually ensures future sales. Get Known Pros helps you plan and execute effective email marketing campaigns.

Get Known Pros believes that marketing strategies are like the human body: the better each part works with the others, the healthier the whole system will be. We thus take a holistic approach to your campaign. By coordinating your emails, social media accounts, and website in tandem, we maximize the effectiveness of your campaign while minimizing the risk of error or redundancy.


While having an active online presence raises consumers’ awareness, it alone is not enough to make them trust your company. The average customer sees hundreds of marketing materials each day, many of which make extraordinary and indefensible claims about their products. To transform awareness into sales, you have to convince customers that you are trustworthy. Get Known Pros helps you build this trust by:

Relying On Research

If you want customers to believe your claims, you first have to make claims that are believable. You should thus keep close track of the science surrounding your products, and only say things about them you know you can defend. Get Known Pros offers the support you need to perform and interpret this research correctly.

Spurring Shares

According to a recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 9 out of 10 young shoppers trust information about health products that they see others share on social media. This means that if you can get current customers to share your promotions and product information, their friends and family are likely to make purchases. Get Known Pros helps you design content that is easily sharable while creating incentives for current customers to share it.

Engaging with Influencers

Health experts, popular bloggers and vloggers, and others with authority or large online followings hold sway over thousands or even millions of potential customers. Get Known Pros teaches you to engage with these individuals, encouraging them to work your products into their content. In this way, influencers lend you their credibility, convincing their followers to trust you and your wares.

Besides helping you earn consumers’ confidence, we advise you on how best to use that trust once you have it. Consumers who search for health and wellness products are often seeking to solve specific problems, and want information that helps them do so. With our support, you can identify what your customers want most and direct your marketing to help them achieve it, giving them an incentive to keep coming back to you.on.

Advanced Analytics & ROI Reporting

While all of these methods have the potential to boost awareness of and trust in your company, the proof, as always, is in how they work in practice. It is therefore essential to have clear, understandable data on the effectiveness of your campaigns, which is why Get Known Pros invests in the latest analytical tools and methods. We track each marketing element at all times and offer you regular updates on how your campaigns are performing. If anything fails to live up to expectations, we will determine the source of the problem and come up with a strategy to correct it.

Health and wellness marketing is a difficult balance, but with Get Known Pros on your side, you’ll never have trouble getting it right. For more information on building consumer trust, analyzing your campaigns, and other keys to online marketing success, check out GetKnownPros today.