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Supplement & vitamin businesses are complex and competitive. Going above and beyond is a must or failure is imminent.

Smart marketing campaigns are the primary factor in your vitamin brand success.

The experts at Get Known Pros has pinpointed and mastered the most profitable techniques for marketing vitamins online and retaining long-term customers.

We have a combined experience of over 30-years for marketing vitamins and worked with dozens of brands. We know what works the best, and doesn't work so well.

So No Bull Crap. What Is The Most Effective Online Marketing Campaigns For Vitamin Brands?

You will learn quickly working with Get Known Pros we do not give our clients the runaround. We make decisions off hard data and known best practices in the industry. We do not keep any secrets and strive to have you fully understand our methods and work. So in terms of acquiring customer traffic, what is the most effective marketing campaigns for selling supplements and vitamins online?

Answer: Google Organic Search Traffic (Free Natural Traffic From Search Engines)

This is without question the most overlooked source of customer traffic when it comes to selling supplements online. Google organic traffic is by far the most profitable type of traffic to attain.

All the biggest sellers of supplements have this one thing in common - consistent traffic from Google organic search. Most people are clueless about how valuable this traffic is.

Most people are also clueless about how to acquire this type of online traffic. It is a very simple concept.

  1. Target high-traffic & customer-relevant keyword searches
  2. Consistently create high-quality informational blog articles focused on answering a single targeted keyword search.
  3. Increase our "Google Ranking" through a link-building process called Guest Posting.

In simple terms: Google likes it when websites answer peoples common question in an educational form of a blog post. They also like it when other reputable websites mention your brand. We take care of everything to do that while targeting your primary customers.

The ONLY Way To Launch a Successful Organic Search Campaign:

High-Traffic Relevant Keyphrase Research

We find keyphrases your typical customers are typing into search engines at high volumes. We look at many factors in this research such as traffic volume, keyphrase relevancy, and ranking difficulty. By identifying what these key phrases are, we can focus our writing on giving the best information for that exact search.

High-Quality Keyphrase-Targeted Informational Blog Article Creation

We have a team of professional US-based writers whose job is to answer those high-traffic keyphrase searches in the best way possible through extensive research and thoughtful writing. The best way to rank for key phrases on a search result is through a targeted high-quality informational blog article.

Do-Follow Backlink Aquisition From Relevant High Domain Authority Websites

The other factor search engine algorithms look at when deciding what order to list a particular search, is Domain Authority. Domain Authority or (DA) is a "scoring system" search engines use to determine how reputable a particular website is. The way DA is determined is the number of do-follow backlinks (or hyperlinks) published on an outside website, pointed towards our website. Search engines also look at the relevancy, and reputation of that outside website.



CASE STUDY 1 - Dr.Axe.com

One example of a supplement brand who has dominated the industry from Google search traffic alone is DR AXE.

Since 2015 Dr.Axe has been consistently dishing out quality informational health-related content on his website.

Today Dr.Axe gets more than 5 Million new visitors per month from Google organic search alone.

All this traffic is generated from his information blog posts he consistently writes.

The report abovet is from SEMRush and shows us some of the high-traffic keywords they rank for.

Every single one of their keywords exists because they made an informational blog article just for it.

Dr.Axe is a great example, but there are countless others who do the same strategy and get incredible results.



CASE STUDY 2 - HumNutrition.com

Another example of a website dedicated to giving out quality keyword-focused blog articles and achieved a huge audience from it.

The report on the right shows a few keywords they rank for. (We can't possibly fit them all on this article.)

HumNutrition.com creates great information content every day.

Majority of their articles are focused towards a high traffic keyword. 

Today they get more than 70,000 visitors to their website per month.

All with the simple formula of creating blog articles, and gaining backlinks.



CASE STUDY 3 - PerfectKeto.com

This website PerfectKeto.com took full advantage of the new Ketogenic diet craze.

There are many types of questions and topics regarding this, and they commit to cover them all!

PerfectKeto.com is great at creating quality informational blog posts consistently. 

Today they get more than 370,000 visitors to their website per month.

Sticking to that formula of creating information blog articles focused on high traffic keywords.

This Traffic Is More Valuable Because After Reading The Helpful & Informational Blog Article We Created, Their Trust in Our Brand Increases Drastically.

Next Supplement This With A Retargeting Campaign On Your Visitors 

On any website, 95% of visitors will simply leave the website without any action.

Remarketing campaigns run ads that "follow around" people who have visited our website and left.

Remarketing PPC campaigns are the least-expensive type of PPC campaign available in terms of digital marketing.

It is also the best audience to advertise to because they are already familiar with our brand and must have been somewhat interested in our product or service to be there in the first place.

Best Practices For Capturing Organic Search Traffic

The primary goal of attaining web-traffic is to convert to a customer. The step in between that is capturing their contact information as a prospect. We recommend offering a FREE offer to this traffic, in exchange for their contact info only.

Best Practices For Capturing Propsects From Natural Search Traffic:

Free-Offer Call To Actions

Offering something valuable and free in exchange for a visitors email address is the best tactic to capture the most amount of prospects as possible. These free-offers can be anything you like, we recommend offering a premium E-Book about a relevant topic, that we can also re-use in several blog posts.

Primary Offer Call To Actions

We have a team of professional US-based writers whose job is to answer those high-traffic keyphrase searches in the best way possible through extensive research and thoughtful writing. The best way to rank for key phrases on a search result is through a targeted high-quality informational blog article.

Smart Email Nurturing Automation

Once we attain a prospects email address through a free or paid offer, we can create smart email automation to help nurture them into long-term loyal customers. We do this with smart email automation, new blog article notifications and special discount offers.

Dominating your offers niche with an organic search engine campaign takes a lot of work. Similar to building a house, once it's built we reap the rewards for the long-term consistently.

Health and wellness marketing is a difficult balance, but we know exactly how to dominate a niche through natural search traffic.

Unfortunately, we do not work with competitors of our current client's niche. We are also very selective when choosing who we work with. Contact us today to begin our conversation towards becoming partners in success.