Hubspot Software Pricing

At GetKnownPros, we use an Inbound Marketing software called Hubspot. Hubspot has an array of online tools and analytics to take the traffic from your website, and most effectively transform them into a paying customer. Utilizing all their tools and reports allows us the marketer to do work most efficiently and you the client most informed on progress.

The platform organizes contacts, targets your audience, automates emails, schedule blogs, social media and much more. 

Acquiring Hubspot Inbound software through GetKnownPros saves you $3,000, normally charged for Onboarding Fees (compared to if you went to them directly)

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$200/ Month

(Minimum 1 Year Contract)

100 Contacts Included

Up to 100 contacts. +$100/mo per 1k extra

3 User Limit

Up to 3 backend users available

3,000 Analyzed Site Visits

Up to 3,000 traffic visits will be analyzed

1 Subdomain

1 subdomain available for use



(Minimum 1 Year Contract)

1,000 Contacts Included

Up to 1,000 contacts. +$50/mo per 1k extra

Unlimited Users

Unlimited backend users

Unlimited Analyzed Site Visits

Unlimited analyzed website traffic

4 Subdomains

4 subdomains available for use



(Minimum 1 Year Contract)

10,000 Contacts Included

Up to 10,000 contacts. +$10/mo per 1k extra

Unlimited Users

Unlimited backend users

Unlimited Analyzed Site Visits

Will analyze unlimited site visits

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited subdomains for use

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Hubspot For Inbound Marketing?

Analogy: Hubspot is the spaceship and GetKnownPros is the astronaut.


Hubspot gives us every tool needed for Inbound marketing in one easy-to-manage platform. It allows keeping track of progress a breeze. The software shows what works vs doesn't work so we can make smart marketing decision quickly. 

Are We Required To Use Hubspot For Inbound Marketing?

We strongly suggest it. Our Inbound Marketing pricing is based around using Hubspot as the central marketing platform. If you choose to opt out of using Hubspot, we would have to charge an additional fee. This is because it would take our team more time to research, implement, and report your monthly marketing campaigns. 

Do I Need To Have A Year Contract For Hubspot?

Yes. Hubspot requires a one-year commitment to their software usage. In our experience, customers who commit to the full year of Hubspot are given the right amount of time to accumulate inbound marketing success. Your long term success is our number one priority and we're here to help you get there.

Does Hubspot Have Any Overage Fees?

Not always. When starting a Hubspot plan we will always recommend a plan that is best suited to your scale and expected growth of business. Your database will grow over time and ensuring you have the best plan for the amount of contacts you have is essential. Don't worry we'll help you with all that.

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