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Local SEO

Local SEO is about bringing customers through your doors.

Why Is GetKnownPros The Best Local SEO NYC Agency in New York?

  1. We are an innovative and creative digital marketing company.
  2. Google implements thousands of changes to their algorithms each year. We ensure we are up to date at all times.
  3. We keep an eye out for your competitors.
  4. We don't just work to get you traffic; we strive for conversions and higher ROI.
  5. We forbid any blackhat practices that can severely ruin your visibility.
  6. We take the time to visit your business in person and learn the culture in real life
  7. You'll get reports showing visit sources and converted lead sources each month.
  8. We research the highest opportunity local service keywords available for you.
  9. We work with companies local in New York every day
  10. We put ourselves in the shoes and mindset of your customers with all of our marketing efforts

What Is Local SEO Optimization?

Local search engine optimizations are all procedures and techniques done to get your business services ranking on local keywords terms. Many factors contribute towards Google trusting that you are in fact a service provider in a particular location.

People prefer working with a business who they can meet face to face. This is why local SEO optimization is extremely valuable.

Top Factors That Affect Local SEO in 2017:

  1. Google My Business Signals (19.01%)
  2. Link Signals (17.31%)
  3. On-Page Signals (13.81%)
  4. Citation Signals (13.31%)
  5. Review Signals (13.13%)
  6. Behavioral Signals (10.17%)
  7. Personalization (9.76%)
  8. Social Signals (3.53%)

Local SEO Factor Priorities Referenced from Moz

Local SEO increases visibility of your business by driving your website to the top of local listings. If you have a local business, you need geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted local rankings that will launch your company to reach the target customer demographic in your market.

Local Rank Tracking

Each month we will provide you a list of local service keyword searches you are currently ranking for. You will see what position you are in the search, the number of visits the search gets, and the leads you receive from local organic traffic. When working with Get Known Pros, you'll never be left in the dark with results!

Local Citation Building

Citation building is the process of putting your business address on as many outside websites as possible. Citations play a significant role in the local search ranking factors. We ensure all citation work is done with our local SEO marketing services.

Effective Local SEO Solutions

Always Mobile Friendly

We also ensure that your business appears in local searches not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices and tablets. Our goal is to earn outstanding listings on top of your local traffic competitors.

Your Success Is Our Success

With our approach, your website will correctly target your audience which will significantly increase your profitability. Our team keeps your business’ online listings accurate and optimized for potential customers and mapping systems, providing an easy access your information and your business location.
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