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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase of sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.

Get Known Pros Are SEO & Digital Marketing Professionals Located In Long Island New York

Search engine optimization or more commonly known as the acronym "SEO" by definition means: To implement strategies and processes to increase traffic to a website using targeted keywords. Our methods as a professional Long Island SEO company are geared for the most modern days of Google algorithms.

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SEO Focused Web Design

The first step is to make sure all the back-end stuff is all set up correctly so that your website and the content you create can easily and frequently communicate with search engine spiders.

Development includes but is not limited to: creating website sitemap structure, connecting sitemap to search engine webmaster tools, set permalinks for page titles, title tags, heading tags, meta tags, site speed, etc.

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Targeted Keyword Research

We separate our research by two types of targeted keywords.

The first category is commercial keywords. These types of keywords a person is searching for transactional. They are looking to spend their money in return for a particular product or service. An example of a commercial keyword would be "plumbing service in New York."

The second type is informational keywords. These types of keywords a person is searching for an answer to a question or problem they have. An example of an informational keyword would be "difference between toilet and sink plunger."

While developing your website service pages, we make sure we implement commercial keywords correctly.

When we develop your blog posts, news articles, and social media posts we make sure to include the informational keywords.

Relevantly Researched Content Creation

The days of hacking the internet to get number one of Google search results are far over.

With technology so advanced, Google has figured the majority of black hat SEO hacks.

Nowadays to get on the first page of Google, you must create content that genuinely helps solve a problem, for the unique keyword the person is searching. 

We do this by creating written articles on your blog all about an informational keyword. We find out a relevant search with high volume that is asking a question and looking for information.

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On-Page SEO Implementation

Whether it's a commercial keyword on your website service page or an informational keyword on your blog article we make sure that targeted keyword is placed in the correct density on the site title, headings, and text.

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We Take Off-Page Optimization Seriously

Once your article about a targeted informational keyword is entirely and fully optimized on-page, we must do everything possible to promote it naturally.

We talk about your site and all the good things you offer on all the web 2.0 websites we know to get you great backlinks off the bat.

Guest Post Opportunities With Every Article

Before we publish the article, we allow one week to launch an email campaign to guest post the article. We do this by creating personalized gatekeepers of high domain ranking websites that are relevant to an industry or category of your ranking keywords.

If a qualified website gatekeeper agrees to post our article for free, we ensure they include a do-follow link and a call-to-action in the article. If a high-opportunity website accepts our offer but requires a payment, we will consult with you first.

Getting exposure and backlinks on outside websites is the best way to gain traffic and authority to your site.

If no good opportunities come up within the week, we post it on your blog.

We Factor In ROI & Profitability In Our SEO Practice

At Get Known Pros we are a premier search engine optimization company because we put your end profit into play with our definition of SEO. We take that standard definition of SEO and apply a simple yet crucial factor into our definition of search engine optimization:


We implement strategies and processes to increase traffic to a website using targeted keywords that your highest profit margin buyer persona is searching for both commercially and informationally.


We don't stop at getting the traffic to your site either.

The next step is to nurture the traffic and convert them to give us their contact information at the highest percentage possibly achievable.


Then nurture them with email workflows and sales processes to take them from the top of the funnel to the bottom and eventually becoming a paying customer.

We Go Over Easy To Understand Performance Reports Each Month Showing Impact Of SEO Services

We show you how your website did organically before, and after.


Each month.


We'll go over what keywords we're currently targeting, what page of Google we now stand on what keywords, how much traffic is coming in each month, etc.


We make it easy to understand what results are coming from the organic SEO campaigns that are running. And ensure you have the big picture of what is going on.

Why Work With a Quality SEO Company For Organic Search Campaigns?

Do your customers purchase from you online or by walking into your local business?

Either way, recent studies demonstrate that over 80 percent of today's customers research online before they decide what to buy and who to buy things from.

At GetKnownPros, our mission as a Long Island digital marketing company is to make certain that customers and clients find your business when they pull out their mobile phones or log in to their laptops. One of the best ways to do that is to make certain that customers see your company when they search for the products or services that your business offers!

We want to make sure people find you when they search on Google, Bing, social sites, map applications, local directories, and even video sites. This helps your company improve brand awareness, lead quality, and of course, revenue and profits.

Why is SEO the Key to Internet Marketing?

Our Long Island web marketing professionals know that search engine marketing, or SEO, isn't simple or easy these days. Many search terms have become competitive and search engines have grown very canny.

On the other hand, you can enjoy better results from more opportunities than you could in the past. To grow your business with SEO, we will help you grow your online reach far beyond your business website. Consider some examples of the business growth opportunities that our Long Island SEO company can provide you with:

  • In addition to having your business site just rank in ordinary search engines, customers can also find you when they use applications like Google maps to find nearby businesses.
  • When consumers want to learn more about you or your company, we will make sure they can find local reviews and even interact with your business on social networks.

What Makes Our Long Island Web Marketing Company Different?

At GetKnownPros, our Long Island digital marketing pros know that each business has its own unique goals and customer base. We can improve your business website and the recognition that your site and company get online. Beyond that, we use sophisticated analytics tools to truly explore your market in order to make sure that we target your marketing to the types of people who are most likely to become your customers.

In the end, your business goal should not just include generating more internet traffic -- it should also include bringing in more qualified leads and revenue. We can get started right away when you take advantage of our offer of a free SEO consultation.