Social Advertising & Marketing Funnels

We pinpoint the best audience to advertise to on social media and create a marketing funnel to lead them to purchase your product or service.

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Social Advertising Marketing Funnels: The Technique

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We Have One Goal: Get You Paying Customers At The Lowest Facebook Advertising Cost Possible

Depending on the audience, post type, landing page, call to actions, offer, price, upsells etc. will affect the price per conversion on a Facebook/Instagram advertising campaign. We call these combined factors "funnels". We create a vast array of funnels to discover and optimize the best performers for your unique business and offer.

Laser-Accurate Targeting Audience Selection

Stunning Sponsored Post Content Creation

Brilliantly Convincing Landing Page Design

Lucrative Offer & Upsell Implementation

Audience Targeting

Some Facebook targeting opportunities Get Known Pros can take advantage of for you:

User Age

User Gender

Geographic Locations

Education Levels

Personal Interests

Top Friends

Person-to-Person Connections

Reported Relationship Status

“Liked” Posts and Pages

Status Updates

Phone Numbers

Email Addresses (Custom audiences)

Sponsored Content Creation

To find the best converting post to sponsor in front of our targeted audience, we create at a minimum 10 dramatically different posts for you. We then test them all and see which one converts the highest.

Landing Page Development & Design

After a user clicks the sponsored post, they are brought to our web page where we need to convince the user as best as possible to purchase your product or service right there on the spot. At the minimum, we use 2 different landing pages to compare which converts customers better.

Up-Sell Implementation

After a user purchases your product, we offer limited time upsell offers. This is done to get the highest amount of revenue possible from each customer.

Re-marketing Advertising

People who click through on to the landing page, or have already purchased are higher opportunity traffic for us. To best take advantage of this, we run a remarketing campaign to have our ads "follow the user around." The conversion rate for this type of paid traffic is typically very high.

Customer CRM & Email Marketing

After a customer purchases from us, we can periodically send the emails about new blog posts, new products, new discounts, etc.


Do you offer guarantees?

Get Known Pros does not offer guarantees. If we were able to guarantee any type of advertising results we wouldn't be working right now.

How long will it take to get results?

The average social paid acquisition campaigns we expect to see serious results in the first 3 months.

How do you charge?

Our fees are based on a monthly retainer. A percentage of your advertising spend is also required (or a small management fee)

What makes you different from other digital marketing agencies?

Our team has experience working with all types of businesses. From B2B to B2C, from service-based to e-commerce. We have a specific formula for social advertising that gives us the best chance of creating you a highly profitable advertising funnel.

One major factor with us is we are a small team of highly skilled digital marketers. When you are working directly with our digital marketing professionals, you'll enjoy more hands-on and transparent service.

Our Client Success Methodology

Our proven process we use to generate best possible ROI for our clients:

1 | Friendly Chat

We will start by discussing your current challenges, and what you've tried so far. We will get a sense of where your most significant opportunities are and how we can help execute. No hard selling; we promise.

2 |  Marketing opportunities analysis

If we believe we can help you, we will put together a digital marketing analysis specifically for your business. We will present the opportunities we find for you, as well as create a plan of action to execute our newly discovered opportunities.

3 | Strategy discussion

We will get you any low-hanging fruit to start. As well as set up your unique, long-term and scalable digital marketing goals.

4 | Full rollout

We will build out our campaigns in a tactical and timely manner for scalable digital growth. This frees you up for more impactful areas of your business.

5 | Learn and adjust

Our digital marketing professionals will continuously monitor your results each step of the way. Seeking out new opportunities that rise to leverage more easy wins.