Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing allows you to work smarter with your money, compared to traditional outbound marketing. Whether your company is small or large, Inbound is 10X more effective for increasing:

1. Web Traffic

2. Lead Generation

3. Sales

4. Customer Loyalty

Here's Why...

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Unlike traditional outbound marketing methods...

...(ex. billboards, print ads, cold calling, etc.) attempting to rudely interrupt as many people as possible, wherever possible, inbound marketing is all about attracting qualified people already looking for answers.


Inbound doesn't force products on people...

...rather it makes it easier to find your product when they need it. It's about educating your traffic visitors and enabling them to make informed purchase decisions. The most informed buyer chooses and contacts you.

With Inbound Marketing...

...  We utilize a combination of website optimization, content creation, search engine optimization, email marketing, lead generation, and social media marketing in a context your ideal buyers will relate to and find helpful.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Aligning the goals and pain points of your ideal buyers into the marketing strategy. The effort is to organically attract web traffic to convert, close and delight over time by using the Inbound Marketing Methodology. Below is the course of actions that takes place when a customers start their relationship with a business.


As a certified Hubspot Inbound marketing agency, we take pride in the Inbound methodology. This method is aimed to get your ideal customers to find you organically, and taking all actions to attract, convert, close, and delight them.

In the "attract" phase people are unfamiliar with your business. To successfully attract ideal prospects we must build brand awareness, influence new audiences and retain new website traffic.

Once you have potential buyers on your website as visitors, the next step is to "convert" them by having them share their contact information with us for future marketing.

Now we have a lead and a way to contact them. The next step is to differentiate which leads are ready to purchase right away versus who is not; and guiding the ones who are not through the buying process with timely content.

Once a lead becomes a customer it's critical to keep the relationship alive and beneficial, to support repeat business, referrals, and positive reviews. Earning you loyal customers who promote your brand.

Methodology Actions and Tools

Below are the actions and tools inbound marketers use to attract, convert, close, and delight.

Hubspot is a state-of-the-art software for the inbound marketer providing all the tools needed to perform inbound marketing best practices.


"The Inbound methodology is geared for how people are buying now. It goes past just analytics but also assists marketers to actually understand, psychologically, what the buyer goes through before purchasing. This methodology is essential for a business not to just succeed, but to thrive in today's business environment."

Will Cartwright, Founder, Creative Director

Get Known Pros - Long Island, New York

Inbound Marketing Essentials

These assets are the foundation to an effective, and successful inbound marketing program.

Buyer Personas & Buyer Journeys

A buyer persona is a imaginary profile of your ideal customer. A buyer journey is a series of steps they take before becoming your customer. These techniques allow us to discover behaviors, interests, pain points on a more deeper level. Strategies and content will follow suit to best serve your unique buyer.

Remarkable Content

Content is how your business communicates to the online world - and is the core of inbound marketing. Content is the tool we use to achieve amazing success depending on your buyer persona. Content may include blog articles, infographics, videos, webinars, e-books, and more.

Inbound Marketing Website

An inbound marketing website has a main focus on lead generation/ conversion, content creation, personalization, and buyer persona experience in mind. It's build on a Content Management System to easily keep all content organized and easy to update.

Advanced Web Analytics

Tracking performance is the first step towards improving performance. Using Hubspot, Google Analytics, SEM Rush, and other software, we track marketing performance through metrics like web traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates, on-screen time, etc.

How Get Known Pros Helps As An Inbound Marketing Agency in Long Island, New York

Successful inbound marketing starts with a strong foundation, which has the following:

Creating Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Whether your old or new to the Inbound methodology, we will run through all your current assets and create a unique marketing plan that works best with the organizational goals of your company. We'll also implement growth accelerating techniques to deliver quick, initial results.

Creation of Inbound Marketing Essentials

We create your ideal buyer persona assets, plan original content, and develop/design your inbound marketing website. In addition to configuring software, integrations, and tools that is necessary to put your strategy into action. (Ex. Hubspot, Salesforce, Call Rail, Adwords, Hubspot CRM, etc.)

Apply Techniques to Attract, Convert, Close, & Delight

Our team is made up of accomplished marketers, professional writers, graphic designers, videographers, and web developers. We have all the marketing skills, and creative know-how, and technical expertise to guide and execute a killer strategy for your business.

Measure, Report, Learn, Improve

Your software will tell you everything that is going on, but GetKnownPros shows where and why it matters. Working together we will analyze and interpret your performance data. Based on our findings we adjust and improve our marketing efforts.

Ultimate Inbound Marketing Success Understanding The Proven Methods

100% Free Guide

When you learn how modern buyers research and select products and services, you can also learn to enjoy increased revenues, profits, and growth for your company. Most of all, you get to communicate with consumers who have come to you – and you won’t have to spend all your time seeking them out.


If you are tired of cold calls, stale leads, and ineffective advertising, inbound marketing is for you!